Earth’s Love Song To Humanity

Boil my heart in your tears.

Break me open like an egg

on the hardened edge

of your hate for one another.

Teach me the ways of your

technology.  Subdue me

with the logic of your

abominable God.

I have tried my hardest

to love you with all my

poison-riddled heart

but now my arteries

are clogged with your lies.

You’ve ripped out my bones,

replaced them with plastic,

invested the sinews of my

landscape with your ridiculously

insistent buildings, invaded my

perfect, starlit darkness with your

bristling electricity.

I can’t say I’ll miss you

too much when you’re gone.

Don’t bother closing the door

behind you when you leave.

The whole house will fall down

in the earthquake of my

implacable, inscrutable rebirth

as you and your narrow-minded

ways are finally ground to dust

like a cigarette crushed

in an ashtray by a gnarled

and dried-out hand

clutched from within

by your incurable cancer.


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