Rude Awakening

A mosquito woke me up today.

She would not let me sleep.

I’d been suffering from insomnia

but wasn’t ready to get up yet.

It isn’t fair.  I should call time out

and flag down the referee.

But the referee is sleeping

and refuses to answer the phone.

(I wouldn’t want to interrupt him

in his reverie.)

When his wife nudged his shoulder

he simply snored at her, the way he

does all day, even when awake.

Therefore, I have decided to sue.

Concerned members of the mosquito

community should consider how

their actions jeopardize the slumber

of leopards, or darkening bananas

that cannot change their spots

as they continue to rot in the stainless

steel basket that lives atop the oven.

Perhaps they decay faster

from the microwaves that radiate

from the heart of that purring beast

who sleeps like a leopard when you

turn her on, instead of whining

like a mosquito

who won’t shut up until you

flatten it against the wall

with your palm, then wipe it off

with a piece of paper towel:

the meaning of life and death

in a nutshell the size and shape

of your ice cream scoop of a skull.


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