Role Play

I have spent too much of my life

deciding who to be.

Friends tell me I’m good at impressions.

(I once impersonated my favorite

professor in his presence.

He said, “Now all you have to do

is an imitation of Stew Harmon”–

though no one would have bought it–

I’m no good at being me.)


No matter who you are,

it’s hard to be yourself for long

before you turn into someone else–

you’re too busy taking things in–

permeated by those you love

and hate in an influential flood.


At least you have no excuse

for feeling lonely.  You can never

truly be alone

when you’re everybody in the world

and no one really.


2 thoughts on “Role Play

    • thanks, susanne. i was inspired by the work of a real poet (i consider myself just a hack) named jeffrey harrison, whose latest book is entitled “into daylight.” check it out if you have a chance.

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