Falling Apart at the Speed of Light

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for awhile.  I’ve been too foggy to blog lately.  The hot, sticky, humid weather’s getting to me head.  Now that the rainy season in Seoul has finally kicked in with a vengeance, I’m gradually starting to feel more alive than I did before.

The latest developments in cadaver-reanimation are simply astonishing.  Kudos, Dr. Frankenstein.  (Or should that be Mr.?)

These days it seems I’ve been spending my whole life on the subway.  At least it gives me time to read.  I recommend The Man Who Forgot His Wife, by John O’Farrell.  It’s a funny, touching love story redeemed by a dash of world-weary, cynical wisdom.  Imagine a hybrid of Raymond Chandler and Leo Buscaglia.  I steer clear of synopses as I don’t want to give too much away, and I’m too restless, lazy, and impatient to go back over the book to write a proper review of it.  Suffice it to say I enjoyed it enough to want to read whatever else O’Farrell has written.  He’s an Englishman a few years older than I am, and though I probably weigh several pounds more than he does, I’m sure he has a lot more pounds in the bank.  He also wrote the screenplay of Chicken Run.

I like to mix up my reading diet to accommodate a hyperactive, music video of a pinball game attention span, so now I’m plowing through a nonfiction work by David Livingstone Smith entitled Less Than Human:  Why We Demean, Enslave, and Exterminate Others.  I’ve only got about fifty pages to go; I’m looking forward to finding out where I lie on the Gandhi-Cheney spectrum.  Smith suggests that any one of us is capable of the kinds of atrocities we read about in history books and on the latest news websites (does anyone read actual newspapers anymore?).  He also demonstrates that every genocide begins with one side dehumanizing the other.  The pattern is consistent for every nation that commits such a boo-boo to refer to their victims as some kind of pest, whether it be rats, cockroaches, pigs, weasels, foxes, or whichever other species is loathed enough to inspire psychopathic, murderous hatred in the populace.

But don’t worry–we’re the good guys.

Whoops–gotta go.  More soon.


2 thoughts on “Falling Apart at the Speed of Light

  1. thanks, susanna. feel free. it occurred to me i should have written “fall on the spectrum” instead of “lie,” but i didn’t want to go back and edit it since that would mean you’d get the same piece in your in-box twice, and who needs that?

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