Armageddon Old

Today I hurt my lungs by breathing too much dust.

My heart is happy now to have a pal in pain.

I’m eating almonds on the subway,

trying to remember why they’re good

for you.  I think, like onions, they clean

your blood; that’s awfully nice of them.


The human body is a crusty customer,

a persnickety old coot that’s 

crotchety to boot.  Being a body

ain’t always a hoot, especially when

you know you’re going to croak

(laugh if you like–it’s not a joke).


The one thing I do like about death,

though, besides its hilarious hairstyle,

is that it happens to everyone.

“No matter how we struggle and strive,

we’ll never get out of this world alive.”*

It teaches us how to be quiet for once

how to settle down for awhile

how to grow




*That’s a paraphrase of Hank Williams, although the thought was initially triggered by Jim Morrison of the Doors’ line:

“No one here gets out alive.”  Needless to say, both men went on to prove this fact, at least in terms of their own individual incarnations.


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