The Bargain of Eden

Beauty bleeds from the battlefield of the body,

Everyone locked in a personal apocalypse.


One day I went shopping and chopped down a forest.

Do you think it was shellfish to scrape clean the seafloor?

A triple-decker burger’s reward for my efforts:

A thousand cows in every bite.

Before you go pointing the finger at me–

Gods, Guns, and Guts:  Let’s Keep All Three

(Thus spoke the bumper sticker on the back of a pickup truck)–

Recall it’s my instinct to extinguish every living thing,

Including myself.  I’m only human.  How could any

Creature capable of such an utterance

Have anything but low self-esteem?

In a world once teeming with great and proud beasts

And beautiful creatures rendered irrelevant

By technology’s gadgetry, replaced by adorable

And harmless cartoons, the dominating species

That’s run by tycoons and other buffoons,

We computer-animated animals who threaten

Ourselves to become Animatronic

Cannot help behaving in a way that’s moronic,

Much to the sorrow of disappointed friends,

Gorillas and elephants we slay with dismay,

So upset with ourselves for being propelled

By something so trivial as wealth, that we fire off

A barrage of petitions as penance, signed

With a carpal tunnel-inducing series of clicks,

Then feast on a couple of video clips,

Glad we can chuckle or grin like a cat

Who holds his tail high as he strolls

With sinuous menace, proud of himself

For murdering so many birds

And having such a clean coat

That gleams in the sun as he lies down

In the luxury of an afternoon nap

Next to a mouse who will never

Wake up again or move without help.



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