For Christ’s Sake

Jesus is the name of the man on the cross.

He sacrificed his life so that he could be boss.

He turned his blood to wine, telling us to get drunk.

His followers increased like the trail of a skunk.

His said his dad was God and that folks would obey

But Romans on the job heard his words with dismay.

Much of what he did say made some sense, it is true,

Like you’re a part of me and that I’m part of you,

Yet no one likes to hear how to live, what to do

So those who run the church twisted things with a screw

And now they’ve turned the guy into our source of fear,

A scarecrow so immense that his love they can’t hear.

If he came back today you can know one thing’s sure,

That he’d be taken out before he held the floor;

This world does not like those who give all to the poor

But the good news is that nature was born with the cure.

The answer to the riddle you seek on the phone

Lies rather in your heart, in your brain, in your bones.



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