Unbelievable News

What’s the story with Reverend Pat Robertson?  Do you know who he is, the perennial American televangelist who looks like a very tall bat (my condolences, by the way, to the loved ones of the several million bats who died a few weeks ago in the Australian heat wave)?

The same man who once condoned the assassination of the late Venezuelan Hugo Chavez as a sound U.S. foreign policy maneuver, and later blamed Haitians for their own devastating hurricane, saying they’d brought it on themselves by practicing voodoo and inciting God’s wrath, is starting to sound, well, almost–sane.

A year ago he pitched the idea of legalizing marijuana as a way to curtail the problem of U.S. prisons overcrowded with nonviolent “offenders.”  (Maybe he should change his name from Pat to Pot.  Then he could move to Jamaica and convert to Rastafarianism.)

More recently, he’s spoken up against simian creationist Ken Ham’s claim that the earth is only 6,000 years old, saying such transparently false views just make fundamentalist Christians sound like idiots (as if they needed any help).

Could it be that Pat Robertson is–God forbid–actually evolving?


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