How Much Is That Executioner in the Window?

The Best Bugs on Earth


Be fruitcakes and multiply.

A little more elaborate than rabbits,

perhaps, one splendiferous species

thinks it knows how to do the job

better than the God it made up,

better than Nature, who made it.


I’m it.  While I scan the landscape

of information for titillating tidbits,

feeling in control, am I alone in being

scammed?  Have I been voting for a sham?

The masterminds are on the lam–

they’ve got me on the run.


But who’s awake to catch them

or hear their laughter in the distance

as they row their lifeboats away

from the resurrected Titanic,

a ship too big to sink, champagne

corks popping with the sounds of bullets,

ellipses in between the bells

that signal class is over?


The Mug in the Mirror


Fifty million murdered

since the end of World War II

in all the little wars

that have happened since.

That’s quite a pile of people!

The mountain ends in heaven!

I guess those leaders Hitler, Mao,

and Stalin were just green,

Christopher Columbus retreads.

Since then, we’ve learned the art

of murdering anonymously–

what laudable humility!

Who here among us has the pride

to take a bow for such hard work

and walk away in handcuffs?

No thanks, I say.  Freedom means

detachment from your actions,

so jettison your conscience.

The key to happiness

opens the door to ignorance.

Do yourself a favor

before you sign that death warrant

or order that drone strike–

find the eye of the camera,

sit up straight, and smile.

We love you so much:

You’re a thug, just like us.



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