First Sentences

Despite being tame, the crowd went wild.

Dave handed Oscar his keys and said, “I don’t know you.”

Eve grabbed Adam by the arm and said, “Let’s make apple sauce!”

“I just love the springtime, don’t you?” said Martin’s grandmother as snowflakes drifted down outside the living room window.

Hitler winked at Goebbels and said, “We’ve had some great times together, kid, but I’m afraid the jig is up.”

Standing in the wax museum named in her honor, Madame Tussaud said, “Oh, and do have the servants put in some candles, would you?”

Holding his guitar, Jimi Hendrix asked Elvis, “How do you play this thing, anyway?”

Pointing the gun and the camera at Batman, the Joker said, “Freeze. . . Cheese.”

As Stephanie backed the station wagon out of the driveway, she leaned her head out the window and said to Mel, “We’ll always have Pittsburgh.”

Jesus looked up from the cross and said, “Forgive them, Lord.  They know not what they do. . . God? . . . Hello?  Would you take off your bloody earphones and listen to me for once?”

“The name’s Bond–James Bond.  Although my friends prefer to call me Twinkles.”


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