(Feel Free to Ignore This) Blood-Red Alert

Look straight ahead:  possibilities dwindle.

Creeping corruption spreads, kindling for the swindle;

both hemispheres corrode, infected by our human touch.

A race against nature to erase her

or be erased–such a human waste of time

and space.  Two hundred species

a day go down; forests cleared above ground,

undersea, so that fish have nowhere left

to swim in the sizzling methane deeps,

birds too busy smashing into cellphone

towers to find nowhere to build their nests.


This is progress, yes–the way cancer is.

The world is under arrested development.

The earth begins to rumble like thunder.

Rain falls in sudden seas, drowning whole

villages, even some cities.  Elsewhere,

drought cracks the skin of the land,

killing cattle and plants that have nowhere

to stand.


It’s all out of whack, a huge heart attack.

Society feels a blow to the head.

Consensus?  We’d all be better off dead

if we make destruction our sole daily bread.


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