Mother Nature’s Coming to Town

Heaven is empty.

Hell is full.

The earth will soon be worthless

thanks to homo rapiens

the insatiable ape

with an avalanche of an appetite

and a stomach like a bottomless pit

lust as endless

as a busload of teenage boys

let loose in a topless bar.


Stupendous stupidity dictates

one spectacularly selfish species

never learns from its mistakes

but only manages to repeat them,

each time more extravagantly

than before.  Although we’re bound

to drown, we’re swimming 

away from shore.  

We tried to kill the lifeguard

in self-defense

(yes, we are that dense)

and now we have to fend

for ourselves.  Divided and conquered

by the inventions of our senses,

we turned our backs on nature,

as well as one another,

and finally betrayed ourselves,


confirming an old prophecy

uttered by a wild-eyed shaman

back in the days when God

still spoke in the voice of the wind,

the tongue of rustling leaves,

rushing waves, chuckling streams,

before God was even a word–

one since co-opted by harlequins

and charlatans–and we fulfilled

the destiny built into our D.N.A.,

our immortal instinct

for extinction.


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