Love Kicks the Bucket

I was there the day love died

and went to heaven.  I attended

Her funeral with my best friend

Loneliness, who blubbered

like a bleeding buffoon.

Love looked so beautiful in Her

polished maple coffin,

peaceful as a desert,

ready for delivery,

shipping fee included.


No one knew what to say

by way of eulogy:

how were we supposed

to get along 

in a world without Love?


The mourners bowed their heads

in sorrow and checked their text

messages, letting those who couldn’t

make it know what time to meet,

after Love was buried and the memorial

service was through.


Now that Death ruled the world

unopposed, they would have to 

make do until the day they could

fall in the same six-foot-deep hole

where Love lies at last, never to be

separated from Love by Life again.



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