The Finish Line

Sensational cessation,

a satisfying end to life’s incessant

crescendo of crap; maybe it’s not

Nirvana, but the next best thing.

How did you get such a bad name?

I guess everyone has a thing

for suffering,

for that overwhelming sense

of unsatisfactoriness.

Bitten by a bug called Hope,

which acts like dope,

you get hijacked by the feeling

that things can get better

and even stay that way,

despite the overwhelming

evidence to the contrary

as the world and you

grow gray.

Not that you should give up yet;

in the words of Sir William Joel,

you may be right; I may be wrong.

Still, one gets tired of the old

endurance test, testicles

thirsting for estrogen (unless it’s

the other way around–depends

on your sexual preference), 

the paradise of appearances

after it’s decided to refuse

to deliver anymore, and a wife

who insists that Jesus is the answer,

as if that dead dude could do

anything the living can’t, or cure 

you of the symptoms of your own

abortion via crucifixion.

All you can do is live,

take what you need not to bleed,

go out of your way to forgive;

before you know it, you’ll receive

your reward for this insoluble mess,

release from ever having to pretend

again to care about what happens

in this indifferent and sickening

disgusting excuse

for a universe.


13 thoughts on “The Finish Line

  1. The flow and attitude and wit are just insanely good on this piece. A commentary and a questioning with bright bursts of unforgettable lines. I wish my skeptic friends and atheist friends sounded like this. >_<

    Awesome work.

      • thanks a lot for cheering me up. and thank you for choosing to follow my blog. i’m returning the favor (although after reading the first available offering, i can only conclude that the favor is to myself–it’s a beautifully sustained piece; i wanted to leave a comment, but was unable to figure out how).

        your writing is an inspiration to me too; i particularly admire your knack for synesthesia. philip larkin, whose work you may enjoy if you haven’t read it already, has a wonderful line in his poem “solar,” a kind of love song to the sun: ”heat is the echo of your/gold.”

        happy writing!

      • I believe I have read “Solar”, but I will look it up again. And I will definitely look for his other works.

        I believe there is a comment box at the bottom of each individual post. 🙂

        Thank you for following my blog and we shall learn from each other and keep pushing each other, as good co-members of the blogging community do. 😀

        Good evening!

      • thanks for pointing that out. i’ll probably write a piece on larkin soon, in which i’ll mention a good link i found with extensive commentary on three of his poems by someone who “gets” him. there’s also an excellent response to james wright’s poem “saint judas” i’ll send you to the link to in short order.

        by the way, it’s morning here in korea, but i hope you have pleasant dreams nonetheless!

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