Confronted by the beauty

of her amazing face

as her eyes shot their blazing

arrows of green light into mine,

my heart burst from my chest

and leapt towards her

on the dusty street, groping

to greet her like a dusty toad.

Of course I didn’t make it

very far without a heart,

and she was too grossed out

by love to grant another chance.

That’s the way it goes sometimes;

you don’t always get a second try.

And so you get used to

the stench of regret or at least

the smell of dry spells.

Your dry cleaning bill

comes in for the kill;

your dentist kidnaps

each of your teeth

until you come up

with the scratch.

You hop through life

like a lonely bunny,

but your funny ears

and goofy face

do nix to win you tricks.

So you spend more time alone

than you’d like, or settle for

someone who takes you for a hike.

(I’m a romantic animal–

or am I just a vegetable?)


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