Prey to Fraud

1.  Remote Control Freak


We bow our heads in prayer

to one who is not there.

We offer up our hearts

to that which is apart.

His virtues are so great,

we gobble up the bait.

Please feed us what you want;

we’ve given up the hunt.

A freely roaming flock,

we don’t believe in clocks.

And everything you say

will get us through the day.

There’s something about lies

that makes us feel so wise,

Allergic to the truth

from infancy to youth.

We no longer develop

as Jesus us envelops.

Still-born in ignorance,

we bask in impotence.

But he will make us rich–

son of a fucking bitch!


2.  The Fall Guy


Drink this brine, for it is my blood.

Eat this lead, for it is my body.

And after you’re done eating me,

go kindly brush your teeth.

And don’t go under the apple tree–

the snake pit’s underneath.

You’ve killed my ass so many times,

I can’t forgive you enough;

your species is made strong by slime–

don’t give me any guff.

But if you believe people

can rise up from the dead,

go nowhere near that steeple

and get outside your head.

You’ve got a knack for lynching folks,

a tried and true technique.

I’ve got no more time for your jokes–

go find another geek.


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