Because it isn’t good enough

Because I don’t know what to say

Because I can no longer bluff

I will not write a word today.

I’m leaving the computer off

and won’t even pick up a pen

so I can return to the trough

and sink my face in swill again.

Words can become a writer’s blocks.

We play with them until we can’t

remember what to do with them

or how to build what we destroy.

We get bogged down with adjectives

that label how we’re supposed to feel

instead of focusing on verbs

and nouns describing what is real.

Watch out for adverbs!  They will drag

your actions right down to the ground.

They’ll make you scribble swimmingly

until in them you start to drown.

Beware of grammar’s stubborn rules

that lock you up in logic’s maze

or spelling laws of letters’ spools–

they’ll vex you till you’re nearly crazed.

You wonder what the effort’s for

when each step’s closer to the grave;

you won’t get up for the encore–

pick up your pen, don’t be a slave,

’cause freedom comes from what you do;

it’s not something you think about.

Make words get up and work for you;

then you can play without a doubt.


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