Wake-Up Call

When you wake up in the middle 

of the night screaming, it’s all right.

When the psycho killer on the ceiling’s

beaming, break the light.

Never play hide-and-seek with Jesus.

The cat’ll cheat, you see, peeking

through the holes in his holy hands.

God taught him to spy on everyone

forever–it’s how those guys kill time.

Their immortality means they cannot

kill each other or themselves;

they murder us instead.

Some scientists desire their sacred curse;

they want to become natural-born

robots–not my cup of instant tea.

Death, like life, is no big deal.

Time reminds you not to feel

too sorry for yourself.  You’re just

another leaf speck in the maelstrom,

an atom blasted to oblivion by the Big

Bang, destined to illusions of increasing

dissolution, overwhelming appetites

that wake you in the night.

The only way to beat your fate

is love the works before too late.


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