Sentimental Eulogy

Sodomize the earth with cars,

bulldoze the sea floor, flatten

the forests, let the deserts spread

like pesticides, parking lots, 

land mines, and television sets.

Penetrate death all the way

to eternity.  Make of extinction

an asterisk (at least when it comes

to ours); render all the other

animals irrelevant.  Technologize

the wilderness:  the greatest way

to tame it.  And when the leftovers

of your life come drizzling

to an end, pretend to understand

the mysteries of existence;

clog your brain with thoughts

of God and useless prayers

to camouflage your impotence.

It will help you make it through

amnesia’s anesthesia.

Like everyone, you have the right

not to see.  Blindness in a world 

gone mad is a luxury.

So don’t despair when you are met with aught

you can’t digest; it’s better to accept

the terms of your prolonged arrest.

A lifetime’s striving for lost goals cannot

bring peace of mind, unless you learn at last

that losing is the key.  Then you can smile

as you disintegrate down to your self, 

a well-dressed skeleton, a wrinkled hide,

with no place left to hide from the sunset.


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