So That’s What Eyes Are For!

Before we get started, let’s get two things out of the way:  the word “That’s” in the title is meant to be in italics.

The second thing is a new joke:

Q)  What were Macbeth’s first words upon entering the afterlife?

A)  “Aw, bloody hell!”

Apologies for my prolonged absence from the blogosphere (or, for those of you who detest this blog, apologies for returning).  I’ve been on a badly-needed vacation for a month, and was early on overwhelmed by an indomitable sensation of laziness.  I was privileged to return to my old New English stomping grounds where my family used to spend summers growing up.  Glad to see that nature is still there.  Beautiful as ever.  Only there are no minnows left in the ocean.  The only horseshoe crabs that alight on the shore are dead, the discarded shells of ghosts.  So much for that ancient creature’s longevity.

More soon!  I’m afraid I can’t continue for the moment, as my wife has once again interrupted my life.

Will resume the post tomorrow.



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