One Plus One

stay tuned for a guest appearance by sweettenorbull at harmonioustew in the precariously near future.


Another guest post from Harmonioustew, this week dealing with some deceptively simple-looking arithmetic…

Here’s another fine, laconic poem by Master Philip Larkin:



Thinking in terms of one

Is easily done–

One room, one bed, one chair,

One person there,

Makes perfect sense; 

(This blog respects copyright. To read the rest of the poem, try your local library, or else where on the internet – or, if you really like it, buy it.)

The first lines establish the universality of the theme by using the passive voice.  The list of the three pieces of furniture, followed by the incongruous phrase, “one person there,” insinuates that being alone is somehow degrading and dehumanizing, much as many of us confined to coupledom may “sue for solitude” (as Larkin writes in another poem whose title escapes me) sometimes.

The repetition of the word “one” also bears a thudding monotony, like…

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