In Case You Didn’t Know Who to Thank

Why isn’t Dick Cheney in chains?  A recent entry on washingtonsblog (not to be confused for George Washington’s blog, which is called quarterdollarguy) lists a number of Cheney’s crimes against humanity and reminds readers what a singularly reprehensible villain he is.  Unfortunately, like so many other real-world villains, he manages to get away at the end, just like Blofeld in the James Bond movies (although I doubt Cheney could find a cat that hates him- or herself enough to sit in his lap).

The current framework of U. S. foreign policy is largely the brain(less)child of Dick Cheney, whom Maureen Dowd aptly likened to Iago in a recent op-ed piece in the New York Times.  That comparison is spot-on.  Iago is the most absolutely evil of all of Shakespeare’s creations, a man who basks in the power of evil and his ability to manipulate others (especially his super-dupe Othello) the way Master Baiter Cheney did (George W. Bush being the main fish he caught).  Like Iago–and unlike, say, the bastard Edmund at the end of King Lear, or Macbeth suffering a pang when he hears the news of his wife’s death before marching forth to his own heroic beheading–Cheney evinces no qualms about his catalogue of atrocities, but positively revels in the marvel of his own evil.  You’ve got to hand it to the guy:  he’s a consistently mean-spirited prick.

How heartless do you have to be to build a policy of systematically torturing prisoners, both at Guantanamo and at the CIA’s so called “black sites” (not at all a racist term, mind you) all over the world, in the interest of trying to establish a link between Al “Call Me Al” Qaeda and Saddam Hussein (to show that they were in cahoots, and that the 911 attacks were a joint venture), when you’ve known yourself all along that such a link is demonstrably false?

Wow.  That’s taking evil to a whole new level.  No wonder the man’s name is Dick.  Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies.

It makes me sick to think that Bradley Manning, a conscience-stricken hero who’s only guilty of doing the right thing, a man whose freedom and perhaps very life hangs in the balance, had to go through nine months of solitary confinement, with the added humiliation of being deprived of his clothing, glasses, and reading material, while Cheney is a billionaire who built his empire on blood money through the incestuous marriage of the Bush Administration with Halliburton, and he gets to enjoy nature’s benison and a peaceful retirement (along with a phalanx of Secret Service bodyguards for the rest of his parasitic life), even though he’s an unrepentant, smug, spiritually bankrupt reptile guilty of a legacy of torture, mass-murder, illegal war, drone attacks, repression, unnecessary domestic surveillance, and the incarceration of Muslims–both American and not–because they happened to be convenient scapegoats.

What a repellent, unsympathetic (in both senses of the word), emotionally-stunted, compassion-bereft cockroach of a man.  Dick Cheney is the human embodiment of a black hole that sucks everything redemptive into its inexorable maw:  love, trust, justice, liberty, honor, goodness, kindness, forgiveness, and humanity.  

I’m ashamed to be a member of the same species as the guy whom Dubya affectionately dubbed “Vice,” and whose mentor, Donald Rumsfeld, back in the days when both of them were working for President Gerald Ford, was described by Henry Kissinger as “the most ruthless man I’ve ever met” (although knowing Kissinger, he probably meant it as a compliment).  It’s sad to think that my country has become so amoral that someone who’s got more blood on his hands than a horned toad with a stigmata can enjoy a leisurely final chapter of his historically disruptive, cataclysmic life–with a new heart, no less (but only in the literal sense of the noun)–while all his victims around the world suffer bitterly, wondering whether God will ever wake up from his immortal coma.

My guess is that he, like “Dr.” Kissinger, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Augusto Pinochet, Mao Zedong, Kim Jong-il, and Josef Stalin (not to mention Hitler, who had the luxury of taking his own life, unlike Mussolini), will get to finish his days in the manner he pleases, suggesting that justice and the world don’t always go together.

As for Lady Justice, to quote King Lear at the end of that eponymous play, as he bears the corpse of Cordelia, “She’s as dead as earth.”

Nice place to live, huh?

I’m hoping to get a chance to see the new documentary The World According to Dick Cheney.  In case you couldn’t guess, I just can’t get enough of the guy.  (As a matter of fact, I suffer from a psychiatric condition known as phaneromania, which is the uncontrollable tendency to pick at scabs.  Just kidding.  Sorry to gross you out–I mean, by writing about Cheney.)


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