How to Sleep

My friend at Sweettenorbull has kindly offered me a guest blogging spot. Depending on the response, we may be making a regular practice out of it. He’s a knowledgeable scholar and writer who loves to write insightful pieces about poetry, some of which he translates from Spanish. I recommend regular trips to his blog for literary nourishment, and I’ll let you know when he’ll be appearing on harmonioustew (soon, I hope). Please let either of us know if you enjoy the post; also, I’d be thrilled if you could tell me if The Complete Works of Philip Larkin is available in paperback yet.


We have a guest blogger today on Sweettenorbull. ‘Harmonioustew’, as he is known online, just plain Stew to friends, is an old colleague of mine. We worked together in a language school in Seoul some years ago, and, while he’s settled in Seoul and I’ve returned to Blighty, we’ve kept in touch. Stew is a voluminous reader, amost single-handedly keeping Ittaewon’s English language bookshop in business, and an engaging, entertaining writer. His blog is . ‘Warts and all’ doesn’t begin to describe it.

Stew hails from Boston, Massachusets, but he has chosen a poem by a glum old Englishman. Enjoy…

How to Sleep        (Philip Larkin)


Child in the womb,

Or saint on a tomb–

Which way shall I lie

To fall asleep?

The keen moon stares

From the back of the sky,

The clouds are all home

Like driven sheep. 

(This blog respects copyright. To read the rest of the poem, try your local library, or else…

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