Fear Itself

The fundamental error of believing 

terror’s everywhere

and evil’s something over there

instead of in your head

is that you scare away what’s good.

If you jump and take the bait

you lose your mind and drown in hate


as if you couldn’t wait to get

the ones who want revenge

for loved ones you’ve delivered

to heaven’s heavy grave

in the carnival of war.


Amid the festival

of greed, deceit, and prejudice,

children are still brave enough to play–

yes, they were born that way.


Although you and I might murder them

some day, mistaking them for foes

or seeds of future woe, we too could 

change instead and grow up for once

before we go to bed for good,

trade in our lives, and find out at last

how it feels to be dead, and what it means,

joining our mountains of victims

(from both our side and theirs),

arrested by the vista of viciously

vivacious violence’s

sickening little tricks.


Let’s pray we have the sense to change

and move away from hate.

Maybe greater love awaits those

who opt for agape.

Enervating hegemony

bleeds us dry of energy

as we divvy up the spoils

of hardened hearts’ turmoil.



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