Take A Rest

Stop doing everything for a moment.

Close your eyes and give your ears a break.

Sit down, but please don’t fall asleep.

Don’t move, not that you have to freeze.

Thoughts flow through your mind; let them go.

Clouds only last for an hour.

Don’t be afraid to be a clown; it’s okay to scare the children sometimes.

Don’t cry about the time you didn’t make your move; maybe she would have broken your heart anyway.

Look on the bright side of the mushroom cloud.

Don’t fret about the machinations of the mutton-heads who run the world.  

Take a deep breath to soften the inside of your coffin.

Feel your heart beat the odds.

Walk away from the decaying light of your possessive obsessions.

Go for a swim in the lake of mistakes.

Feeling frisky?  Drink some whiskey.  Might be risky.

It’s hard work learning how to be a jerk.  Jump off the treadmill and let your gut grow.

Close the door to the refrigerator without taking anything out.

Have a drink of water, a liquid miracle.

Remember that everyone is your friend, from the beginning to the end.


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