Inverted Proverbs

Antiverbs:  Variations on Familiar Sayings

Mother is the inventor of necessity.

A thousand pictures are worth a million words.

Sameness is the white sauce of life.

You can’t teach a young dog old tricks.

You can’t spot a leopard’s changes.

Two rights don’t make a wrong.

Rome wasn’t wrecked in a day.

People who throw stones should live in rubber houses.

Let him who is without stones cast the first sin.

Spare the child; spoil the rod.

The grease always gets the squeaky wheel.

Old age is wasted on the elderly.

Don’t put the horse in the cart.

His bite is worse than his bark.

It’s worse to have lost and loved than never to have lost at all.

A keg of honey is better than none at all.

Let lying dogs sleep.

What goes down must come up.

The only thing we have to hope for is hope itself.

Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for you.

There’s no time like the past.

An ignored pot burns the house down.

Don’t eat your chickens before they’re cooked.

There’s other mercury in the fish.

Speak loudly, and carry a small stick.

Do as I do, not as I say.

Don’t bite off less than you can chew.

Don’t cry while spilling milk over your head.

Don’t look a Trojan horse in the mouth.

Don’t make a molehill out of a mountain.

Don’t feed the hand that bites you.

Children should he herded and not seen.

Oil is thicker than water.

Men will be boys.

A word from a wise guy is insufficient.

You can have your cake, but you can’t eat it.






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