A Recipe for the Restless

When you’ve got somewhere to go,

stop yourself–enjoy the show.

When you have cruel words to say,

wait until they sail away.


So much business to get done:

blow it off and have some fun.

To hell with duty’s travesty–

life’s a merry tragedy.


I’m a piece of meat in a shrinking sandwich

eaten by the god of Time

(who ain’t?  I can’t complain).

So keep on smiling, whistle,

tap your foot, go quietly insane.


Life goes on until you’re dead.

Too much happens in your head.

If there’s one you want to kiss,

don’t drag your feet–

your chance you’ll miss.


Regrets are gnats that gnaw your mind;

laugh them off as you swing from the vine

or drown yourself in a tub of wine

signed by Christ or Dionysus.


Wave to Poseidon riding by

on his seahorse, Aphrodite standing

in her shell, Eros firing chaos everywhere,

Zeus on the loose?  Maidens beware.


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