Blood Loop

Infernal eternity waits for something to happen

in limbo, struck by life’s implacable luck,

tripped up by a traffic jam of traps,

a lingering lack.  No longer particular

about what guise rescue takes,

even if it comes as death;

anything to break the spell

of too much time spent

circling pain.


Impatient for escape,

refusing to accept more of the same,

go insane the same old way

you always have, too lazy

to awaken the three-headed

dog that feeds on your chewed-up heart.


Feeling inane under the drumbeat

of cool summer evening rain

(a shower would refresh one

not so enmeshed in sweat);

a tangled nest of arteries, blood

vessels, and veins, a thin red

flood that flows in secret

tunnels, keeping you

alive, promising life

might happen yet

before the bloodmobile

brakes at the red light,

and gets crushed till it’s little

bigger than the battery

that once kept the engine

running around in circles.


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