A Word of Thanks

The time has come for me to thank the people who’ve been kind enough to read this blog.  Your support goes a long way to keep me going, and I apologize for not having reciprocated enough by devoting enough attention to the work you’ve been generating on your own blogs.  I will make time to visit them more regularly from now on.

As you all know, at its best, writing is a selfish act towards a generous end (or else the other way around), and once you get into it and keep doing it for awhile, it can be both gratifying and maddening, frustrating and invigorating, pointless and redemptive.  This is also a funny time in human history in which to be writing, a moment at which the whole world seems to be mutating and the very nature of literacy itself appears to be changing.

If you’re like me, you may have found that the Internet has had a profound effect on your reading habits.  It’s much harder for me to plow through a book than it used to be (although I still go through phases where reading a novel from cover to cover is a relative snap).  This may just be because of the deadening effect of summer’s punishing, global warming-fortified heat, or else anxiety about the mid-life crisis I’m immured in but not necessarily inured to, or the encroaching fear of death that accompanies certain health problems I’ve had lately that may or may not be life-threatening.

But blogging has opened some new doors, and I owe it to you, my fellow WordPressians, along with anyone else who’s been willing to read what I’ve disgorged so far at this site, for giving me a new lease on life (George Orwell would probably chastise me for using what he’d call either a cliche or a “dead metaphor” there; but please give me a break, Georgie–uh-oh, there’s another overused expression–I grew up watching Batman and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood on TV).

I’m sure you find writing for an audience of writers as cathartic and life-affirming as I do, and I trust it will help you make it through those hard times you have to endure otherwise on your own, more or less.

On behalf of my alter ego, twin half-brother, and beloathed, odious nemesis, Mort Hawsen of the mortalchortle blog, and in my own incarnation as Stew Harmon, I’d like to offer particular thanks to the following bloggers for following this site:




















If I’ve left anyone out, I apologize; I will acknowledge your support in a later post.

The person I owe the loudest word of thanks to is Olivia Martian (her real name, I swear), who has contributed not only a wealth of encouraging comments and remarks, but also her time and friendship as a pen pal.  More than anyone, Olivia, you’ve helped keep me going with an inspiring degree of selflessness and generosity. The rest of you will find that she’s also a fine writer, as you can see by visiting her blog:


For those who’ve visited the site and clicked “like,” thank you too for giving whatever post you’ve read the thumb’s-up.  Again, I’ll do my best to return the favor.  I know there’s a vast and creative blogging community out there.  It’s great to see so many good people putting their minds to work in the service of the muse.  Writing can be a lonely business, but blogging takes the sting out of not getting paid to make your fingers dance.

Finally, I may be posting a few things some of you might have missed, since I didn’t figure out how to use the tag function until a short time ago (actually, I didn’t figure it out by myself; my friend Olivia had to help me–D’oh!).  They include a made-up speech by Mitt Romney, a fable based on an egregious comment made by life- and sex-hating horse-faced imbecile Rick Santorum, an exploration of the Seven Deadly Sins, and a few other odds and ends.

And for anyone who’s a fan of mortalchortle, Mort Hawsen apologizes for the lull in Simpsons-related post.  He promises he’ll get back on the stick and finish the story soon.  (But I wouldn’t believe anything that guy tells you–just kidding.  He might pull through for you.)

I confess I’ve been suffering from a case of writer’s block lately, but I’ll do my best to forge ahead and not merely recycle old posts, which any of you could find if you had the time and patience to scroll down the screen and see what else is here (I certainly don’t; just kidding).

As a guy who wrote one of those innumerable books on how to write said, the only writer’s block any of us should permit is a neighborhood in which a community of writers lives.

Let’s keep going, my friends.


2 thoughts on “A Word of Thanks

  1. aw Stew. I have enjoyed your friendship so very much. You right so dark and funny but you are a ray of sunshine. Hugs to you

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