Raise Another Glass of Blood

(Make sure it’s nice and cold!)

To the victims of military and technological progress in the global war on the terrified. Sorry about all the noise.  I hope you can still sleep at night.


If you’re looking for someone without a competitor

or you think that your enemy’s life needs an editor,

reach out and shake the pale hand of your creditor:

Superman is his name, but his nickname is Predator.


A remote-controlled airplane that drones through the sky,

firing missiles at people who are chosen to die,

as untidy as freedom, but as sleek as the thigh

of a tall supermodel who has death in her eye.


When you have this much power, you don’t need to explain

even actions a doctor might conclude are insane.

Let your heart turn to iron and relinquish your brain.

What remains of the motive?  More of history’s pain.


But technology’s cool so mass-murder’s okay.

This ensures no pedestrians get in your way;

keep on fondling buttons from a chair far away–

killing folks is a snap–go on, have a nice day!



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