Why Does Everything Have to Be So Complicated?

Have you ever wondered why things are always so goddamned complicated?  That’s funny–neither have I.  A lot of people talk about the benefits of simplifying your life–great, but how the hell are you supposed to do it?

Lemme give you an example.  I have a stomach ache right now.  Did you notice?  Reason:  I just ate a big bowl of kimchi stew after teaching a class of businessmen for an hour on the other side of town.  I’d had only a banana for breakfast, due to having slept late on account of not having been able to sleep straight through the night, even though yesterday I had only one cup of instant, sweetened coffee with pulverized artificial cream substitute after sitting through the reverend’s church shtick (my wife, the one who forces me to go to such an idiotic place every week, went to get a seat upstairs while I remained below–no symbolism intended, but she had to leave to go sit on one of the benches when she couldn’t stop coughing–no doubt Satan’s pernicious influence).

After I arrived at the subway station that’s five minutes away from the building where I teach the class, I bought a shish kebab made of kiwi fruit for two thousand won.

(to be continued)


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