Tongue Twisters: E Through J

Dracula delicately dedicated the delicious delicatessen to the desiccated descendants of desert denizens, deftly delivering deviltry to demented desperadoes, declaring destruction delightedly on deadeningly dull dolls dealing doughnuts to debutantes.

Edward extolled the escalator, expressing its excellence with effusive ejaculations.  Everyone else essentially echoed Edward’s eloquence, exuberantly executing erudite eructations of ethically erect, ecumenical egg-ended elbows.  Excreting endless effulgence, Edward exited existence, excitedly egregious in an egotistical exoskeleton, effortlessly empty of everything except estrogen.

Frita Freud frequently felt frustrated fumbling with fellatio, flustered by fraudulent friends, flabbergasted at flatulent bastards indefatigably flapping fluffy feathers, flaunting frippery with floppy foppery.  Frita, frozen with fear, fried them with fiery eyes, ferociously felicitous to find fuel for funkiness.

Geraldine greeted Gregory Grayson with a greedy, grimacing grunt, glad to grind a greasy grip, guiltlessly gracious to grow grateful for Gregory’s gregarious giggles, generated by girlish generosity, as she goofily guffawed, guided from gruff grief by genetic geography’s gyrating giraffe.

Harold Hendrickson hearalded his own handsomeness with a hasty handshake, happily helping himself to an historic hooray, hopefully hiccuping, whooping, “Hallelujah, Harold,” his histrionics harpooned by a hectoring heart attack, a huffy hulking hernia, a horde of hemorrhoids, and a horny harmony of hellacious hallucinations.

Iggy ignorantly interrogated Ingrid, the interesting idiot, inquiring about Icarus’ impotence with impish impudence.  Ingrid insisted on Icarus’ innocence, infinitely inspired to insert an insect into Iggy’s ink stand, issuing an insanely insidious inkling of igneous ilk.

Jabbering Jenny juggled jiggling jellybeans with a jagged belly-laugh, jocose about jabbing jocular Judy Jefferson in the jugular with a jaundiced juniper bush.  Judy jumped, justifiably jeering at Jenny, who joked that she jousted with Jesus, the jittery jerk.



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