Self-Help Books That Really Work

(This list contains titles only.  You should be able to find the books’ authors on Amazon.)

Smile Your Way to Happiness

Laffrican Tribal Dance Steps

Help Yourself to Hope

Gratitude and Longitude

My One-Way Conversation with God

Chop Your Way to the Top

Make Dough by Doing What You’re Told

Sit Down, Shut Up, and Enjoy Your Life

Pleasin’ Reasons to Be Alive

Once Upon a Yawn:  How Boredom Can Save Your Soul

How to Be an Obnoxious Friend

Let Joy Destroy Your Lack of Toys

Who Needs Love When You Can Have Hate?

Amusing Yourself with Alcohol

Fight Back by Backing Off:  A Coward’s Manifesto

How to Be a Great Listener (audiobook only; earbuds included)

Drive Like You Mean It:  How to Survive a Car Crash and Make It Look as if the Other Guy Caused It

Traveling without a Passport:  The Art of Getting Arrested Abroad

I Love You Whether You Like It or Not:  Getting Through to Your Teenager

Bungee Jumping in an Avalanche

How to Be Cool When You Have No Charisma

The Way You Hold Your Cellphone:  Inspiring Envy in Your Fellow Commuters

Dress for Excess:  Spilling Food on Yourself That Matches What You’re Wearing

Agree to Disagree:  The Science of Silence

If It Feels Good, Do It:  The Gift of Hedonism



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