A, B, C: 3 Tongue-Twisters

Abigail and Arthur abundantly applauded Archibald, an apple-armed army architect, abetting an abattoir abutting Arthur’s apartment.  Archie, appalled at any applause, apprehended all accolades, accusing assorted alarmed associates accordingly; angry Archibald announced:  “Arrest arousing arrhythmic avalanches attending attempts at adulation!  Alternatively, arbitrary axes await all affable amblers.  As an aftermath, anonymous applause avails–accepted, allowed.  Anyway–away!  Avast!  Avaunt!  Aloha.  Adios, amigos.”

Beautiful Beatrice believed boys’ bountiful boasts, breathing broad-breasted breezes brewed beyond bubbly bays.  Bill Baxter beat bullies broken by Beatrice, berating busted booze-bombed bastards by blustering:  “Beware!  Beautiful Beatrice beseeches believers before bowing, ‘Be big boys, bend bows, battle, bulge.'”  “Balderdash!” buzzes Belinda Berryman, bearing bowling balls, barbells, banana boat bits.  “Blubbering boobies brag by begging, being buggered by bashfulness.  Behold!  Beatrice bleeds.  Beshrew Belinda, beauty’s betrayer, bloodless baby brothers.”

Cathy Cavanaugh crouches, collapsing, counting cavities, cachinnating, collecting concatenations comprising cats, cockatoos, calabashes, cockroaches, cuckoo clocks, cummerbunds, corn cobs, croutons, cucumbers, crustaceans, candirus, Cassiopeia, Crete.  Curious, Curtis Castro crosses crimson courtrooms’ contours, curses, cuts corners, calls Cathy crazy, creates chaos.  “Cockamamie Curtis!” cries Cathy.  “Cathy commands cruel cowards, cads, cuckolds, castrated capitalist casino captains, Cadillac-captivated cod, coercing cooperation.”  Curtis complies, cunningly conniving, copying computer code, corrupting commingling companions, coughing comfortably, crankily creaking, condoning crusty cracks, crucifying cringing crabs, calling creationists creepy cretins.


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