Comic Book Superhero Trivia Quiz

1.  The name of Batman’s alter ego is:

A. Bruce Wayne.  B. Waylon Smithers.  C. John Wayne.  D.  Wayne Newton.  E.  John Wayne Gacy.

2.  Plastic Man’s real name is:

A. Mitt Romney.  B. Jim Carrey.  C. Michael Jackson.  D. Mr. Natural.

3.  The only person or thing strong enough to kill Superman is:

A. Lois Lane.  B. Anything by Billy Joel.  C. Kryptonite.  D. Jimmy Olson.

4.  The Joker originally worked as a:

A. fast food fry chef.  B. psychiatrist.  C. brain surgeon.  D. babysitter.

5.  Hawkman’s real name is:  

A. Chickenman.  B. Lawrence Eagleburger.  C. Nefertiti.  D. Mickey Mouse.

6.  Batman’s diet consists primarily of:

A. mosquitoes.  B. Catwoman.  C. bubble gum.  D. Robin.

7.  Spiderman dies by:

A. accidentally releasing a bolt of web silk from his finger while picking his nose as Peter Parker.  B. being kissed by a Spider Woman.  C. smashing into a cell phone tower.  D. eating the Fly.

8.  The Human Torch started out as a:

A. Vietnamese Buddhist monk.  B. gas station attendant.  C. fireman.  D. librarian.

9.  The Incredible Hulk’s secret hero is:

A. St. Patrick.  B. Othello.  C. Godzilla.  D. The Jolly Green Giant.  E. Popeye.

10.  Iron Man harbors a crush on:

A. the Terminator.  B. Margaret Thatcher.  C. the Batmobile.  D. Magneto.

11.  The Batmobile runs on:

A. the blood of captured supervillains.  B. butterfly sweat.  C. bat guano.  D. American taxpayers’ dollars (vote for the Tea Party).

12.  James Bond’s favorite superhero is:

A. Wonder Woman.  B. The Green Hornet.  C. Archie.  D. Dagwood.  E. Lex Luthor.

13.  The Holy Bible is the name of:

A. a popular Saturday morning children’s TV cartoon.  B. a superstore that specializes in pet food made from endangered species.  C. The United States of America (this answer is dedicated to Stephen Colbert).  D. William Shatner’s cat.




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