Alpha Nerd Rap

I get awkward when I talk words.

I’ll put this foot right in my mouth.

My cool’s kaput–there is no doubt.

With the chicks, I am spastic;

got no paper, neither plastic.

I’m commonly regarded

as King of the Retarded


so don’t get in my way

or I will make you pay

by falling on my face:

I am a basket case.


With glasses taped up tight,

step out and face the night,

trip on my own shoestring,

and take a spill–bling-bling!


You want one-upmanship

that’s all f**ked up and shit?

Well, please don’t look at me;

I’m stiffer than a tree.

Ain’t got no sense of style,

no member of the mob;

just choking on my bile

and yanking on my knob.


Word up, yo.


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