It’s Incredibly Nice to Meet You

Hi!  My name is Stew Harmon, and this is my very first Word Press post.  Let me tell you, it’s an honor meeting you all, and I’d like to shake each one of your right hands if I were Shiva, or whoever the Indian god or goddess is who has all the hands.  I’m writing to you from Seoul, Korea, where I’ve been living for nearly six years with my lovely wife Jinsoo, who’s Korean.  She’s also a devout Christian, while I’m a Buddhist, so you can imagine what kind of sparks fly in our marriage.  In accordance with the Buddha’s Mellowness Policy, however, I’m focusing more and more on avoiding anger as a means of either self-expression or a way of reacting to my wife’s antiquated antics.  I’m also a little perplexed by her own embrace of rageaholism, considering Jesus himself was a hepcat who dug not wrath in the manner of his most upsettable father, who had a tendency to resort to omnicidal impulses once in awhile, manic-depressive lad that he was or is.

I’m relatively new to the world of blogging; although I’ve been writing for decades as a hobby and a therapeutic alternative to striking either side of my head repeatedly with a pair of cinder blocks until I crumple in a heap on the sidewalk, the reason I’ve decided to give Word Press a try is that I lost about forty pages of writing from the website service I was using before, whose name I will not mention out of politeness and in the hope that they may still be able to retrieve at least some of it.

In spite of my own glorious immersion in the oceanic realm of technology and gradual metamorphosis into a techno-quatic being, complete with gills, scales, fins, and a tail that never stops wagging, so happy am I to be part of this vast, grand experiment in accelerated virtual living, I’m old enough to still be something of a Luddite at heart (my apologies to grammar purists for splitting the infinitive).  The kookily transforming world we’re living in fills me with no small degree of trepidation, unless it’s something I ate for dinner (please keep in mind that Korean food is almost volcanically spicy.

Anyway, it’s great to be here in cyberspace, and to meet you, as I said above, when we were all in heaven, in the beginning.

As you can see, my wife’s indefatigable faith has rubbed off on me.  You can find her on Faithbook; if you decide to go out and get shitfaithed, pleathe don’t inthitht on driving yourself or anyone else anywhere.  Pardon the lisp; I’m getting some help from a speech therapist these days, so it shouldn’t infect my spelling too much longer.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  As an English teacher and a know-it-all blowhard, I’d be more than happy to answer them.





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